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The main currency of the game. It allows the player to start levels and purchase in-level items like Wildcards, Backwards or Extra Draws.


MainThe secondary currency of the game. For now, it is only used to play liveops events.

In the future, it will be used to purchase cosmetic elements.

It can be earned through core gameplay, when the player collects cards with gems on them.

Free Round

Coin boost

Allows the player to start a level at Standard Bet for free.

If the player decides to play the following levels in Grand, Epic or Legendary Bet, then the Free Round will act like a discount equal to the Standard Bet price on those levels.

When collected by the player, they are directly spent on the following level played. The player cannot select when they will use them.

Double Credit

Coin boost

This currency doubles the coins the player can get from a level. It applies to all the coin sources in the level.

As with the Free Round, the Double Credit are automatically spent when the player starts a level and have at least one of them in stock.


BonusWildcards can be stocked and used whenever the player feels the need. When in use, they are directly placed above the stack, allowing the player to select almost any card face up on the level board.

Exceptions: 🃏 Inactive Card and 🃏 Lock and Key Cards

Wildcards can also be found in level boards. For this usage, please refer to this article: 🃏 Wild Card

BonusAdd 5 cards to the draw when the player run out of draw

BonusAllows the player to cancel the previous action they did on the level board.

PowerUpRemove all face up cards at the start of a level

Replace 3 random cards by Wild cards at the start of a level

Remove 3 random cards at the start of a level
(formerly known as Puzzle Pieces)

Battle pass pointThey are the points given to the player when they complete missions. They are only used in the battle pass. Collecting them makes you progress through the milestones of the battle pass.

Speed up the hourly reward by 2

Puzzle Pieces

The currency used to play liveops events like Bingo Cruise or Memory Quest.

They are earned through levels. They can be converted from gems as well.

They have the particularity to expire at the end of the active liveops event. So all unused puzzle pieces disappear and the balance is reset at the end of this kind of event.